Who to Call for a Water Damage in Home?

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Who to Call for a Water Damage in Home?

When you see your house submerged in flood, the first question that runs across your mind maybe call a professional to come over and look into the problem. There are several entities you need to contact when your home is flooded. Contacting them in the proper sequence will ensure that the water damage problem is tackled properly.

Who to Call for a Water Damage in Home

Contact an Electrician
In flooding, electric posts often fell on the ground and submerged in the muddy water. You have to be careful of getting electrocuted. You may accidentally turn on the switch when attempting to test your appliance. To prevent this, you should contact an electrician to shut down the electricity to your house. The electrician will check and make sure that no more electricity is going through your house. The electrician can also help you to shut off the gas.

Contact Your Landlord
If the house is rented, you should contact the landlord and let him know about the water damage. It is important to always have your landlord’s number on your contact book in your phone. The landlord will be responsible for sending a plumber over to fix the water damage.

Contact the Homeowner Insurance Company
If you have homeowner insurance, you can call your insurance company and file a claim. While on the phone, explain to the representative what has happened to your home. Tell the representative that you are waiting for an adjuster to come over assess and the situation. It is important to follow the instruction of the representative to ensure you have a successful claim process. You can document everything with your cellphone camera as proof to the insurer on the damage extent. When photographing the situation, be careful when you come in contact with the sewage as it may contain hazardous material. You can wear waders and waterproof boots to protect yourself.

Contact a Plumber
The water source should be shut off to prevent the flood from getting worse. You can turn off the water supply by closing the main valve. You can contact the plumber to fix the water damage problem once your insurance company approves your claim and you receive the compensation. Not only will a plumber help you remove the standing water, but he can also get rid of the residue left by the floodwater in the drain.

This residue can cause drain clog so getting rid of them quickly is important. A plumber can help you to clean up all the items that have come into contact with the floodwater. He can also help you to replace the plumbing fixtures. A plumber can inspect cracks along the pipes and fix them before it becomes a big issue. A plumber can also fix cracks in a foundation caused by the flood.

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